Just a few examples of the type of projects Groundworks student freelancers work on.


Groundworks student freelancers translate content from any language into their mother tongue. From website content and social media posts to technical documents. The business sets the price which will vary depending on technicality, language and quantity.


Groundworks student freelancers will build a spreadsheet of names, email addresses, LinkedIn profiles to develop the sales pipeline.
For example: Identify 15 startups in London that have raised capital this year but have no office space. 


Student freelancers will put together a complete research document tailored to the project requirements to identify and analyse a market. Whether it's for a new business pitch, your own business or just to test a potential recruit's skills. 


Redesign business cards, create a new PowerPoint template, design a logo or mockup a website. Student Freelancers looking to bolster their portfolio can work on any number of projects at a more affordable rate than professional freelancers.

Whether you're looking to hire graduates or not, please get in touch to find out how Groundworks student freelancers can work with you on your project.
Test a candidate's skills and see how they could fit into your business.

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