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From the founders

In our final year of university, we noticed that businesses’ recruitment strategies were failing to reach students in an effective way. So we set out to find a solution, which led us to Groundworks; our way to revolutionise how companies connect with students worldwide.

The Groundworks platform enables businesses to assign projects to student freelancers to complete remotely. We match our clients’ requirements with the best suited profile from our network of university students, providing companies with an extra pair of hands while they build working relationships with potential future employees.  

Our platform eliminates the ambiguity of the traditional graduate recruitment process, where top talent can be missed as a result of restrictive testing and interviews. With us, businesses can develop meaningful connections with students as they gain experience and develop their competencies. That way, companies using Groundworks can be sure that any student freelancer they hire will be a tried and tested graduate that understands their business, their culture and their expectations.

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"I'm blown away. This has made my weekend!"

Our first client, January 2019

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